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What Is The Wooden Speaker?

Speaker is one of the most important parts of a sound system. It converts electrical energy into acoustic energy. The common speaker is made of plastic but it can be made of other materials too. Wooden speakers like GDEI-G wooden case trolly speaker GD-2013 Double 10 inches are gaining more popularity these days because they offer better sound quality than plastic ones.

It is a newer type of speaker that uses wood as the main material in the construction of the speaker. This creates a unique sound that cannot be replicated by other types of speakers.

What kind of wood do people use to make wooden speakers?

Many different types of wood can be used to make speakers. Some woods, such as oak and cherry, are very hard and can be used for making the body of the speaker. These woods have little grain and are very strong, so they will not warp when exposed to moisture or high temperatures. Other types of wood, such as mahogany, have a lot of grain and are softer than oak or cherry – so they won’t last as long under similar conditions.

The difference between different types of wood is partially dependent on how thick they are cut into slices and how many layers you use in your speaker design. For example, if you use a single piece of oak for the entire speaker body it would be quite heavy – but if you use several thin layers then it won’t weigh much at all! 

Why Does A Wooden Speaker Sound Better?

When it comes to hi-fi sound, wood has a lot going for it. It’s a natural material that can be shaped and finished to create beautiful speakers and other audio equipment that look as good as they sound.

The reason why wooden speakers sound better than their plastic counterparts is that they have a fuller frequency response — they can play low frequencies without distorting and high frequencies without losing clarity or becoming tinny.

The reason is that the natural materials used in wooden speaker construction resonate at different frequencies, which amplifies the sound produced by your music player or computer.

How does it work?

Wood is an incredibly dense material, which means that it has a high mass. As a speaker cone vibrates, this mass acts as a sort of flywheel, slowing down the movement of the cone and reducing distortion. This is particularly important in the higher frequencies where small changes in cone position can make a big difference to the sound quality.

Wood is also better at controlling resonances than plastic or metal cones because the grain structure tends to be relatively uniform across the whole surface area, unlike plastic or metal where it tends to be concentrated in certain areas. 

The Difference Between Wooden Speaker And Metal Speaker:

The wooden speaker is made of real wood, which can bring natural warmth and softness to your music. The metal speaker is made of metal material, which can bring you clear details and bright sound. If you want to choose one for yourself, it’s up to your personal preference.

Wooden Speaker

Here are some aspects that they act differently:

1. Acoustic Performance:

The acoustic performance of a wooden speaker is better than that of a metal speaker because of its rich sound quality and natural warmth. A wooden speaker can produce more bass and treble, while a metal speaker can produce more details and crisp sounds. They are both great choices if you want to listen to music in high-fidelity audio quality. 

2. Build Quality:

The wooden speaker tends to be heavier than the metal speaker because it’s made of solid wood. The metal speaker is lighter than the wooden speaker because it has no wood inside and only metal outside. However, both materials can provide good durability and a long lifespan if they’re well-made and well-maintained.

3. Soundstage Depth & Width:

The wooden speaker has better soundstage depth & width than the metal speaker. The reason is that the wooden speaker can bring a more airy feeling when listening to music. The metal speaker doesn’t have such a good soundstage depth & width because it doesn’t have enough airy feeling when listening to music.

4. Imaging & Soundstage Separation:

In general, the imaging and soundstage separation of the wooden speaker is better than that of the metal speaker. The reason is that, in most cases, wooden speakers have more complex frequency responses and wider dispersion patterns, which can provide listeners with better imaging effects and soundstage separation at low frequencies than those of metal speakers.

For the average person, whether it’s a wooden or metal speaker, the difference won’t be that big (unless it’s a bad one). However, for some music lovers, the wooden one obviously has a better sound performance ability. It will make the music more pleasing to the ear.

What Are The Advantages Of Wooden Speakers?

There are many advantages to using wooden speakers. They are more durable than other types of speakers and can last for years without having to be replaced. Wooden speakers also have better sound quality than many other types of speakers. In addition, these speakers can be used in any type of environment because they are not affected by changes in temperature or humidity levels.

1. They’re Eco-Friendly:

Wooden speakers are made from real wood, which is renewable and sustainable. You can choose from many different types of wood, including mahogany, oak, and walnut, so you’ll be able to find the perfect look for your room or office. The natural design of these speakers will add to your home’s décor while keeping it eco-friendly at the same time.

2. They’re Durable:

The durability of these speakers makes them perfect for use in any room in your home or office building. If you have kids or pets running around in your home or office, you won’t have to worry about them damaging these speakers. Because they’re made with high-quality materials that can withstand a lot of wear and tear without becoming damaged or broken over time. This means that they’ll last longer than other types of speakers on the market today that don’t offer this kind of durability on their own!

3. They Sound Better:

Another major advantage of wooden speakers is that they sound better than other types of speakers. The reason for this is simple: sound waves travel through wood more efficiently than other materials like plastic or metal. This means that music will be clearer and more dynamic when played through a wooden speaker rather than a plastic or metal one.

Where Are The Wooden Speakers Perfect For?

If you bought a wooden speaker, where can you use it? You can use it for entertainment, or you can wholesale a batch of audio equipment from a professional company, such as GEDI-G, to create a professional PA system.

Home theater setup.

If you want to enjoy movies at home with your family or friends, then this is exactly what you need! This type of speaker is perfect for this purpose because it provides an impressive experience with clear sound and high volume.

Small business offices.

If your office has a small space, then these speakers might be just what you need! They are compact and produce good-quality sound without taking up too much space or being too expensive.

Weddings and other important events.

These speakers have an excellent sound quality and are very popular with customers who want to rent them for weddings and other important events. They are also ideal for wedding parties when they want some background music during dinner or dancing later in the evening.

In recording studios:

Recording studios need high-quality equipment for recording music. Whether it’s acoustic music or electronic music, they need good sound quality to produce high-quality music. Wooden speakers are often used in recording studios because they have excellent sound effects that can be heard clearly without distortion. Even if many instruments are playing at once, they will not cause noise interference with each other and will only produce one clear voice. This helps musicians create more professional music!

Take GEDI-G’s GD-2013 wooden speaker as an example, it has two 10-inch woofers and a 3-inch tweeter. Its base is four sturdy table legs, which makes it stand very stable. You can apply it to the stage PA system or other PA systems.

Final Words: GEDI-G Offers You Better Speaker

If you want to get more professional audio equipment, GEDI-G is a good choice. It has high-quality speakers, power amplifiers, and other series of products that can be wholesaled. You can go to their official website for more detailed consultations and get samples.

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