How to Choose a Portable Speaker with Good Sound Quality?


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How to choose a portable speaker with good sound, so that you do not get discouraged from its work? We will take everything into strips.

How to choose a portable speaker? Basic characteristics

To select a gadget, not a few criteria are calculated. Therefore, I divide all the characteristics into several groups:

  • Size and appearance
  • Sound quality
  • Connectivity
  • Autonomy
  • Controls
  • Dust and moisture protection
  • Additional options

Appearance standard

Weight and dimensions

If the speaker will be used outdoors, the size of the device is particularly important. Wearing a loud and heavy gadget is not the most pleasant pleasure. Whether the speakers are as compact and light as possible is another matter.

When you buy the device to listen at home, the choice may fall on a larger model. It has a large number of speakers, so the sound quality is also very good. But you shouldn’t think that the bigger the device, the better it will sound. The quality of the playback will not always depend on the size.

Body material

The service life of the device will depend on the material of the housing. If the model uses a cheap plastic, then this gadget will not serve you for long. There will always be a risk of mechanical stress damaging the housing during mechanical operation. Again, if the speaker is originally purchased for listening to music only in the room, then the most ordinary plastic casing will do. If practicality is an important criterion when choosing, pay attention to gadgets with a metal casing or from a high-quality thick plastic.


The presence of the screen will greatly help when operating the device.

However, you should not forget that the charge of the battery is quickly reduced in gadgets with displays. Therefore, if the screen is not so important for the purpose of use, then it is best to stay on the models without it.


For diversity, many manufacturers add to the device a multi-colored backlight that performs the function of light music.

Sound quality standard


The maximum volume of the device depends on the power. This parameter is in watts. The greater the wattage, the louder the sound. The greater the power, the faster the device’s battery will drain. In addition, the high-volume sound system is very large, and the traffic is not very convenient. However, if the gadget is purchased for stationary use, next to the socket, there will be no problem. Again, it all depends on the purpose of use.

Frequency range

In simple language, the frequency range is the quality of the sound itself. The greater the range the speaker has, the more and more the sound will be played. Our ear is able to hear frequencies from 16 Hz to 20,000 Hz. Speakers with a frequency closest to this indicator will play music at a high quality.

Connection Type

The more ports for various connections in a speaker, the wider its application range. In common interfaces, devices are equipped with connectors:

  • micro-usb-used to charge the device
  • Lithning-Connect to Iphone
  • USB port-used to charge other devices (power bank function), or connect a flash memory card
  • Micro SD-for memory cards
  • AUX З.5-If you suddenly want to listen to music with headphones

Wireless connections

  • Bluetooth-allows you to play music from your smartphone, laptop or tablet
  • NFC-if your smartphone has this function, then you can play music through it
  • Wi-Fi-this kind of connection is the most successful, you can control the speaker through the mobile app

Battery power

This setting will determine how much time the device can play without being charged. If you buy a speaker for cycling or listening to music outdoors, the power of the battery must not be below 2200 mAh. Of course, this is the minimum. At a medium volume, the speaker with such a rechargeable battery will work for about 5 hours.

Device control type

The simplest control is the button on the speaker itself. Usually these are standard commands such as play/pause, volume and rewind. Larger systems are equipped with remote controls to switch commands from a distance. Mobile application control means being able to connect via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Moisture and dustproof

If the speaker will be used outdoors, you need to pay attention to dust and moisture. The degree of protection is defined by the abbreviation IP x and ranges from 0 to 8.

Additional features

Additional features are rewards that may or may not be provided on the device.

  • Equalizer-helps to customize the sound for various genres and styles of music
  • FM radio-radio function
  • Hands-Free-Allows you to talk hands-free over the phone or Skуpe
  • Panoramic Audio-Realize З60 sound reproduction
  • All these features will help you choose gadgets based on where and how the device is used

To summarize: how to choose a portable speaker with good sound? To get a reliable and quality device, first of all, you need to pay attention to the characteristics of the sound quality, the capacity of the battery. The other functions are of secondary importance.

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