This product has CE and FCC certificates and meets European and American standards. Fashionable, powerful, cost-effective, and widely applicable.

The speaker apply to HOME THEATRE, Portable Audio Player, Mobile Phone, Karaoke and so on.

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The 10-inch bass speaker and the 3-inch high-pitched speaker are two of the most common speakers used in automobiles today. To provide a full-range sound, these speakers are frequently used in combination. A considerably louder, more powerful sound will be produced by the 10-inch bass speaker, while the 3-inch high-pitched speaker will produce a much more accurate and real sound. The 3-inch high-pitched speaker enhances the sound’s brilliance and purity while the 10-inch bass gives a powerful and deep bass. This combo is perfect for a music system or a home theater setup. If you’re looking for excellent sound quality in a small package, you can’t go wrong with a 10inch bass and 3inch high-pitch speaker.




This combination provides a great deal of power and punches while maintaining a very clear and concise sound. 

It gives you the ability to hear the music better and also to produce more bass.

With a frequency response of 80-20,000 Hz, this speaker provides a clear, crisp sound that is perfect for music and movies.

It is specifically designed to reproduce sounds in the upper range of the audio spectrum, and it does so with incredible clarity and detail.


  1. The 10-inch bass speaker and 3-inch high-pitch speaker work together to create a well-rounded sound that is perfect for any audio setup. 
  2. The 10-inch bass speaker provides a strong foundation for the sound, while the 3-inch high-pitch speaker adds clarity and definition.
  3. They include the ability to produce deep, rich bass tones, as well as provide superior sound quality and volume. 
  4. It has a maximum power output of 50 watts.
  5. Full music format, adjustable music treble, and bass.
  6. USB input supports up to 64G.
  7. Fast charging, large battery capacity, and long standby time.
  8. It Supports Bluetooth Interconnection (TWS), and Bluetooth playback.


Bass Speaker 10 inches 100 Magnetic THD+N 10%
High-pitched Speaker 3 Inch
Frequency Response 80HZ~20KHz
Signal-to-noise Ratio S/N ≥80DB
Distortion THD ≤5%
Bluetooth Specifications Zhongke AB5301A
Bluetooth Version V5.0
Transmission Range 10M
Transmission Frequency 2.4GHz
Amplifier IC CS8673E
Maximum Output Power 50W
Weight N8.95G10.4 KG
Product Size 312*270*537*950mm
Inner Packing Size Five layers of K=K kraft paper 370*331*565mm
Package Size: without

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