How to Choose the Right Stereo Amplifier You Need

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Stereo amplifiers grant elaborate sound. These devices are used as power amplifiers for various audio systems.

They make the audio comfortably loud, soft, with distinct lows and highs. At the same time, the middle also does not sag! Let’s figure out how to choose an audiophile a power amplifier for speakers.

Amplifier types
Before buying, you need to study the types of amplifiers in order to find the best device for yourself. According to their functionality, they are divided into 3 large groups.

  1. Preliminary
    “Probe” for a weak signal to amplify. They are placed next to a source that emits an impulse. This is to minimize interference from other electronics. They will not cope alone – you will need to buy a power amplifier with it.
  2. Terminal (power)
    They will amplify the signal to the level that is needed for the full operation of the acoustics.
  3. Complete
    They combine the 2 devices described above. The price of them bites, but in the end they turn out to be cheaper than a set of 2 separate devices.

By the type of element base, tube and transistor devices are divided. More details about each of them are below.

Ah, this “warm tube sound”! A phrase that has become a cult for everyone who has ever come into contact with the world of audio. The main advantages of such transistors:

  • excellent sound with a simple radio circuit – with basic knowledge of radio electronics, you can repair it yourself;
  • softer sound;
  • little side noise;
  • smooth limiting of the signal during overload – the system will not “wheeze” and “hiss”;
  • not afraid of short circuits.

The disadvantage of the “lamp” is that when one lamp has fallen into disrepair, finding a full replacement is still a challenge!


An advanced version of the amplifier. Instead of lamps, small microcircuits are used here. So the big plus is compactness. And as a consequence:

  1. Minimalistic appearance
    There is no need to take out “lamps” outside the device, so a transistor stereo amplifier can be an ascetic “cube”.
  2. Easy to repair
    Finding the required transistor is many times easier than choosing a lamp.

The main disadvantage stems from the key advantage – they are much more complex. And if something breaks down, you will have to turn to specialists.

There are also hybrid models on the market. They incorporate both the advantages and disadvantages of both types of amplifiers.

Basic parameters of amplifiers
To get good sound through a stereo amplifier, there are many variables to consider.

Amplifier channels
To get a “powerful” sound, you need to correctly calculate the number of channels in relation to the speakers. The rule here is the iron “number of channels ≥ number of speakers.” That is, for a system with 5 speakers, you need to look for an amplifier that works with 5+ home theater channels. This is especially true for moviegoers and gamers – this is the only way to get surround sound.

For music lovers, 2-3 channels will be enough, like the SONOS Amp. Most of the songs are recorded in stereo, so the system only needs to power 2 speakers + the subwoofer of the music center.

Power developed in load
Audio pros say that if you need to buy a speaker system and an amplifier, you need to buy the first one first. And only then look for a device that will only make it cooler.

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